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Genesis® Artist Colors

U.S. Patent 5,700,858. Patent pending worldwide.


Preparing a Surface Other Than Canvas

Try Genesis® Artist Colors on various surfaces! For best results, prepare the surface with acrylic gesso and roughen the primed surface with 200- to 300-grit sandpaper.

Use any surface that you would use for oil paint. However, make certain to prime with an acrylic gesso. A rabbit-skin glue sizing is not satisfactory.

Do not use any unprimed or porous surface.

Safe Handling Practices

  • Avoid contact with eyes.
  • Wash hands after use.

For further information or a Material Safety Data Sheet, please write to Genesis® Artist Colors International, 6060 Guion Road, Indianapolis, IN 46254-1222 USA call 800-374-1600.

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