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Genesis® Artist Colors

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Choosing a Substrate

Always ensure that the surface on which you are painting can withstand the drying temperature you will be using. Some painting techniques will require several layers be dried, and the substrate must withstand the number of heatings you will use.

Test heat stability over multiple drying sessions. Certain substrates that might release moisture when heated should be pre-dried as the moisture may result in bubbling and poor adhesion.

Choosing a Drying System

Genesis® Artist Colors are the only fine art paint that offer a true solution to the problem of drying your paint. Unlike other paints, you do not have to decide in advance when you will want the paint to dry. You can dry it whenever you are ready. You will want to decide how you are going to dry your painting before you begin.

In deciding how to dry your painting, consider 1) the sizes of your work; 2) the thickness of paint you are using; and 3) the substrate surfaces upon which you are painting.

Whatever heat source you choose, you must be able to heat the paint and substrate to at least 250ºF/121ºC and not exceed 280ºF/138ºC.

Heat guns such as the Genesis Drying Gun are ideal for drying small areas or only part of a painting.

If your painting is a size that will fit into your oven, this may be your best choice. If an oven is not convenient or you would rather dry your paintings where you are working, drying boxes or radiant heat sources are recommended.

After you have chosen a drying method, two considerations affect the complete curing of your painting: time and temperature. Experiment before starting a painting. You will quickly find the drying method best suited to the style and size of the painting you want to complete. Always ensure you are using a heating method that will get the painting to a temperature of at least 250ºF/121ºC but not exceed 280ºF/138ºC. Depending on the thickness of your paint and the nature of your substrate, you will want to dry your paint for 15 minutes for the first thickness up to 1/4 inch, and dry another 15 minutes for each additional 1/4 inch. The required temperature can be achieved by any method that heats the paint to 250ºF/121ºC-280ºF/138ºC and maintains the heat long enough for the thickness of the paint to be penetrated.

Drying Characteristics of Genesis® Artist Colors

With practice, you will very quickly get to know the characteristics of Genesis® Artist Colors and heat setting will become second nature.

Genesis® Artist Colors utilize a non-drying synthetic oily liquid, imbedded with a heat sensitive curing agent. Genesis® Artist Colors stay wet until heated enough to activate the curing agent. After the drying temperature is reached, Genesis® Artist Colors dry immediately. For thin layers this means very fast times–as little as two minutes. For thicker impastos, longer times are needed for the heat to thoroughly penetrate the paint.

Genesis® Artist Colors require adequate drying time and temperature to deliver the flexibility and resiliency necessary for the longevity of your work. Remember to dry the paint long enough for the heat to fully penetrate the depth you have applied. While it is possible to damage Genesis® Artist Colors by overheating, it is easy to prevent by keeping the heat source at least one inch away from the paint. The drying process is not reversible. After Genesis is dry, it should not be dissolved.

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