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Genesis® Artist Colors

U.S. Patent 5,700,858. Patent pending worldwide.

Thin coats of Genesis® Artist Colors are also possible by using the paint straight from the jar. The advantage that Genesis® Artist Colors have when working in thin overlapping layers is that you can dry the painting between layers, thus application can go on smoothly without pulling off the pre-painted surface or intermixing with it. In case of regular oil, you would have to wait until the first layer is dry before continuing the painting, which would take time.

Because Genesis® Artist paint does not dry on its own, it tends to force you into cleaner work habits. One good method is to use paper towels to wipe the brush while working, then dispose of the dirty towel often. A rag is not practical to use with Genesis® Artist Colors because it will transfer the wet paints to your hands, clothes and eventually to things around you.

Transparent washes can be achieved by tinting the Thick Medium. Thick Medium gives you a good layer of paint and the transparency that you need.

If you like to paint with a thinner consistency, you can add a small amount of Thinning or Glazing Mediums. These mediums are very efficient so additions must be very small.

Genesis Mediums

Artists have always added various mediums to enhance control of drying as well as the handling characteristics of their paint. With Genesis® Artist Colors, you will find less need to adjust. They have excellent body, offer fine control in mixing, blending and application, can be worked in many states without the addition of medium and have a thick, rich consistency. Try working Genesis® Artist Colors with your brush or palette knife. Notice how the paint becomes more buttery and smooth? Left alone for a time on a non-porous surface (such as glass), the paint will return to its original, thixotropic state–without having dried.


Genesis Thinning Medium or Genesis Glazing Medium are recommended. When adding Genesis Mediums to thin, use just a very little at a time on the palette–it’s very efficient! Adding a Genesis thinning or glazing medium permanently thins the paint.

Using Oil Solvents

Thinning with a small amount of an oil solvent will not permanently thin the paint, as the paint will return to its original state as the solvent evaporates off. This process should be tried by professionals only.


You don’t need to varnish a Genesis painting for protection. Do not use any oil varnish. If you must use a varnish, use an acrylic varnish that is compatible with Genesis® Artist Colors. Test the varnish that you choose before using it on a finished painting.

Genesis® Colors and Pigments

At the dark end of the spectrum, Genesis® Artist Colors are made with pure pigments. Generally, lighter values are more opaque to ensure their covering power. To obtain the light values, a specially blended white is added to a pure color.

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