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Ann Kingslan, Mary Kingslan GibiliscoAnn Kingslan, MDA and Mary Kingslan Gibilisco, CDA, BFA Focus on Realistic Leaves DVD

We can authorize you as a Genesis Artisan. Come to any of our 2-5 day Kingslan & Gibilisco Academic Seminars in either our professional Omaha, NE studio or one of our "on the road" workshops to receive this authorization. You will understand and master the necessary techniques to paint and teach with Genesis Heat-Set Oils.

Ann has taught decorative painting nationally and internationally since 1969, written several classic art theory publications, magazine articles, and lesson plans. She developed the "Value Scale System" for the mixing and application of color and was certified as a Master Decorative Artist in 1976. Daughter Mary graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Nebraska in 1984 with a degree in Fine Art. In 1989 she earned her Certified Decorative Artist distinction. Mary and Ann write a column for PaintWorks magazine, co-author books, videos, lesson plans and paintings. Together, we offer a unique blend of talents to our students.

Learn more about their art and seminars at: or email:  or call at 402.397.0298. Kingslan & Gibilisco DVDs Ann and Mary offer several video DVD lessons which are available on their web site.

Bobbie Pearcy Bobbie Pearcy, TCS Color Matching System

Bobbie Pearcy is author of the book Begin With Genesis and Enhance Your Artistic Skills. She is creator and publisher of the TCS Color Solutions On-Line Network, available at: and or

Free TCS Special Report for Genesis Users.W/N Conversions to Genesis Report WN to Genesis Matches W/N Oil Conversions to Genesis .pdf
Did you know Genesis prints the TCS Identifier on the label of each jar to assist users in their color selections.

If you have questions about using Genesis Artist Colors, you are invited to send them along. You can E-mail:

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