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Will Genesis® Artist Colors work on acrylic gesso? Do they work on wood?

Applying Genesis® Artist Colors to acrylic gessoed surfaces works well. Genesis® Artist Colors work well with primed hardboard surfaces. Abrasion and proper drying are required. Some hardboard performs better than others and adhesion varies with board quality. Genesis® Artist Colors work well on most primed woods.

Can I mix it with oils?

No. We have not found an oil that mixes with Genesis® Artist Colors

Can I mix it with acrylics?

No. As with oils, we have not found an acrylic that mixes with Genesis® Artist Colors.

Is it water soluble? Is it water or solvent based?

Genesis® Artist Colors are neither water nor solvent based, but solvents may be used to thin and clean. They are only water soluble with soap and water for clean up.

I like to paint on a large surface–6’ x 6’. How do I dry it?

You can choose to work with the Genesis Drying Gun, although it will take a long time to dry a large surface. A radiant heater is recommended to dry a large canvas; call us to discuss the process.

Do I have to use solvents? What solvent is required for cleaning brushes?

No solvent is required. You can use various Genesis Mediums to alter the flow characteristics. Rubbing alcohol is an excellent cleaner, or warm water and soap such as Dawn® dishwashing detergent. Of course, it is not mandatory to clean brushes because the paint won’t dry on them.

I am allergic to solvents–Can I use Genesis® Artist Colors?

Yes because there are no solvents in Genesis® Artist Colors.

What kind of canvas can I use?

Primed cotton or linen.

Is it archival?

The carrying medium and pigments were developed to give Genesis® Artist Colors strong archival qualities.

Is it lightfast? What are the lightfastness ratings?

Pigments are selected for their very high lightfastness ratings.

If I get primaries and secondaries, can I mix all of the colors myself?

Yes. All of the line is available in single colors, as well as in color systems.

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