Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clean up?

Palette: Remove the paint with a palette knife or spatula. Then use a window cleaner or alcohol and soft cloth to wipe the glass clean.

Hands: Soap and water.

Clothing: Wash as normal. Applying some spot cleaner, pre-wash, or dish soap directly on the paint spot usually removes all of the stain. After the paint is heated into clothing, however, it does not wash out.

Brushes: Many artists don’t clean brushes; it is not necessary if you paint with the same colors! Soap and water, rubbing alcohol or solvents such as mineral spirits can be used.

What medium do I use with it?

Genesis® Artist Colors have many properties inherent in the chemistry that allow them to be used without traditional mediums. Genesis Thinning, Glazing and Thick mediums can be used to alter the performance of Genesis® Artist Colors. Most traditional mediums are not needed with Genesis® Artist Colors and many are not chemically compatible.

What is the price for a full system? How much are individual colors?

Ask your local retailer or refer to a current price list. Genesis paints typically retail at prices similar to other artist-grade paints. Because they don’t dry on your palette, there is little waste–a very substantial part of the "cost" of other paints.

How is it for travelling? How do I dry it in the field? What kind of electricity do I need for drying?

Genesis® Artist Colors work well for travelling because the systems are designed for portability. Drying systems are available for a 110-volt electrical service. Portable drying systems are being researched, but are not yet available. For now, you must have access to electricity for field work. Wet paintings can be carried safely in one of the special frame devices made for that purpose.

When transporting a Genesis Studio Box, will the jars fall out of the trays?

The jars fit snugly in the trays and won’t come out under normal use. If the Genesis Studio Box stands on end or upside down, the jars may dislodge. Put the lids back on for travel and place bubble wrap or similar filler between the jars and the top of the box to hold them in place for extensive travel. Studio Boxes are not designed for airport baggage handling.

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